The college graduation rate of St. Louis County, MO was 42.40% in 2016.

Graduation Rates

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Education and Graduation Rates Datasets Involving St. Louis County, MO

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    Missouri Law Enforcement Agencies | Last Updated 2019-03-22T23:00:14.000Z

    List of Active law enforcement agencies (Sheriff, Municipal, University, Court, etc)

  • API

    Missouri Alcohol Temporary License Expirations | Last Updated 2019-03-26T12:50:26.000Z

    List of temporary alcohol license expiration dates

  • API

    Missouri Active Alcohol License Data | Last Updated 2019-03-26T02:13:30.000Z

    Current license information of businesses involved in the manufacture, shipping, and/or sale of alcohol in the State of Missouri

  • API

    Missouri Alcohol Licenses Out of Business | Last Updated 2019-03-26T12:55:29.000Z

    List of alcohol licenses of businesses who have gone out of business

  • API

    Missouri Docket Locations | Last Updated 2019-02-15T19:51:29.000Z

  • API

    County Clerk License Information | Last Updated 2019-03-26T12:32:50.000Z

    Alcohol Licensing information by County compiled weekly storing 3 weeks at a time

  • API

    Missouri Job Centers | Last Updated 2019-03-26T19:10:18.000Z

    Missouri Career Centers offer personal assistance for your job search or hiring needs. Our staff is trained to assist you with products and services designed for both Job Seekers and Employers!

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    Missouri Alcohol Licenses Not Renewed for the New License Year | Last Updated 2019-03-26T13:10:27.000Z

    List of Missouri alcohol licenses not yet renewed for the next license year. License year begins July 1. This dataset is generated nightly during the months of April through July for the license renewal period. This dataset will be empty the rest of the year.

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    Student Discipline Incidents By St. Louis County School Districts | Last Updated 2016-03-21T00:56:40.000Z

    This dataset includes annual counts of student disciplinary incidents reported by all public school districts (including the Special School District) in St. Louis County to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. ‘School Year’ represents the academic year ending in the year reported in the dataset. For example, School Year 2015 reflects incidents for the 2014-2015 academic year. Reported incidents only include those that required the removal of the student from the classroom for 10 consecutive days or more. Removals include in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension and expulsion.

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    KCMO 2013 ACS 5-year estimates Education Census Data | Last Updated 2015-06-15T17:21:21.000Z

    2013 ACS 5-year estimates for Education Attainment for population over 25 years organized by census tract. Included in this data are all census tracts that are included in the boundaries of KCMO, even if no KCMO citizens lived in that tract when the data was gathered. All data was gathered on the U.S. Census Bureau's website: Table ID: B15003