The student teacher ratio of Lexington County, SC was 14 in 2014. The student teacher ratio of York County, SC was 16 in 2014.

Student Teacher Ratio

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Education and Classroom Statistics Datasets Involving York County, SC or Lexington County, SC

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    2015 - 2016 Final Class Size Report Middle & High School | Last Updated 2018-09-10T19:04:11.000Z

    New York City Department of Education 2015-16 Final Class Size Report School Middle School and High School Core Average Class Size General Education (Gen Ed), Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT), Accelerated (Acc), Self-Contained (SC)

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    Professional Medical Conduct Board Actions: Beginning 1990 | Last Updated 2018-12-04T13:57:07.000Z

    The Professional Medical Conduct Board Actions data consist of all public actions taken against physicians, physician assistants, specialist assistants, and medical professional corporations pursuant to Section 230 of the New York State Public Health Law and Section 6530 of the New York State Education Law.

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    Number Of People Aged 25 Older With High School Diploma Or Equivalent All States | Last Updated 2014-10-31T18:32:26.000Z

    Number Of People Aged 25 Older With High School Diploma Or Equivalent All States

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    Waterbody Classifications | Last Updated 2018-08-07T22:34:58.000Z

    This data set provides the water quality classifications of New York State's lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, collectively referred to as waterbodies. All water bodies in the state are provided a water quality classification based on existing, or expected best usage, of each waterbody or waterbody segment. Under New York State's Environmental Conservation Law (ECL), Title 5 of Article 15, certain waters of the state are protected on the basis of their classification. Streams and small waterbodies located in the course of a stream that are designated as C (T) or higher (i.e., C (TS), B, or A) are collectively referred to as "protected streams."