The median earnings of Ohio County, KY was $23,523 in 2016. The median earnings of Hardeman County, TN was $25,238 in 2016.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving Hardeman County, TN or Ohio County, KY

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    Rent and Income Restricted Housing | Last Updated 2018-02-07T18:37:41.000Z

    Housing with Rent and Income Restricted Units in Seattle, as of 6/30/2017

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    hubNashville-CRM PIP Budget | Last Updated 2018-02-01T00:14:04.000Z

    This data presents hubNashville’s (Community Response Management) PIP Budget for FY18. hubNashville is a one stop shop for Metro services. Residents or visitors can connect with a Metro representative to request services, share feedback, or ask questions by calling 311 within Davidson County, 615-862-5000 if out of county when making the call, or by visiting

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    Restorative Justice PIP Budget | Last Updated 2018-02-01T13:36:40.000Z

    Restorative Justice and the Arts program is designed to connect teaching artists with tools to enhance artistic practice to serve court-involved youth – and to connect youth who have been involved in the Juvenile Court system with creative pathways that support resiliency and well-being.

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    Eco Devo Stats | Last Updated 2017-02-20T22:12:41.000Z

    A variety of economic indicators, financial indicators and measurements for the overall health of the economy in Franklin.

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    Our Nashville PIP Budget | Last Updated 2018-02-01T13:40:01.000Z

    This data presents the Our Nashville PIP Budget for FY18. Our Nashville is a student-produced series for Nashville Education, Community and Arts Television (NECAT) that builds career skills in production and broadcasting for Metro Nashville high schools students while highlighting local non-profit organizations and informing residents about the valuable services and opportunities provided.

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    The Bridge PIP Budget | Last Updated 2018-01-31T21:35:16.000Z

    This data presents the Bridge PIP Budget for FY18. The Bridge facility offers space for the very best approaches to juvenile assessment and rehabilitation, a place where kids and families a can find guidance and opportunities instead of struggling through a court visit.

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    FY 2018 All Funds Budget File | Last Updated 2017-06-08T16:45:53.000Z

    A macro-level presentation of budget data for all funds from FY 2013-2018 for the City of Franklin, Tennessee.

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    Steering Clear PIP Budget Form | Last Updated 2018-01-31T21:36:20.000Z

    This data presents the Steering Clear PIP Budget for FY18. Steer Clear consolidates Metro Nashville Government efforts to remove barriers, particularly financial barriers, to drivers’ retention of licenses. Instead of arresting drivers or seeking payment of exorbitant fines, Metro Nashville Government will instead offer public service or driver education programs.

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    Nashville Career Readiness Partnership PIP Budget | Last Updated 2018-02-01T00:50:26.000Z

    This data presents the Nashville Career Readiness Partnership PIP Budget for FY18. Nashville Career Readiness Partnership (NCRP) helps prepare local workers to qualify for jobs and to develop careers in construction, hospitality and healthcare.

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    Animal Welfare PIP Budget | Last Updated 2018-01-31T22:14:16.000Z

    This data presents the Animal Welfare PIP Budget for FY18. This project has a three-pronged approach to meeting the goal of giving all of Nashville’s healthy, treatable animals a safe place to live by: 1) Expanding spay and neuter programs; 2) Implementing Advisory Committee Recommendations, and 3) Establishing Nashville’s SAFE Placement Coalition (Saving Animals for Ever).