The median earnings of Bowie County, TX was $26,682 in 2015. The median earnings of Gregg County, TX was $26,480 in 2015.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving Bowie County, TX or Gregg County, TX

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    Texas Regional Economic Snapshots | Last Updated 2018-05-25T13:23:09.000Z

    Find information on population, income, jobs, wages, graduation rates, highways, water and healthcare for the Comptroller's 12 Economic Regions. See for more information on our agency’s privacy and security policies.

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    County Returns | Last Updated 2017-04-10T13:06:55.000Z

    See the attached PDF for a detailed description of each tax type. The Comptroller of Public Accounts is charged by statute, Tex. Gov’t Code § 403.0142, with reporting and posting the amounts of revenue remitted from each Texas municipality and county for taxes whose location information is available from tax returns. The revenue is presented by county only because specific cities could not be definitively determined from the report data. Returns submitted directly by local governments are open records and include their names and addresses. Due to confidentiality restrictions, amounts reported by businesses cannot be provided when less than four businesses report for a specific county. This data is posted quarterly, six months after the end of the quarterly data period to allow for collection actions when needed.

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    Mixed Beverage Taxes, City and County | Last Updated 2019-04-17T01:37:41.000Z

    These entities received mixed beverage tax revenue from permit holders located in the city or county respectively. See for more information on our agency’s privacy and security policies.

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    Austin Income Restricted Affordable Housing | Last Updated 2019-06-24T20:25:04.000Z

    This dataset contains all income-restricted housing within the Austin Full Purpose and into the 5-mile Extra Territorial Jurisdiction. This includes properties funded by the City of Austin along with the Housing Authority City of Austin, Housing Authority of Travis County, and Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Some properties may be funded by more than one entity. The property attributes are intended to help Austin residents find income-restricted housing that best suits their needs. The dataset is connected to the affordable housing data hub which is consistently updated with the most current property information. A Feature Manipulation Engine Script pulls a new dataset to the Open Data Portal on a daily basis.

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    Electricity Revenue by Utility in US | Last Updated 2019-03-14T18:16:00.000Z

    NOTE: This data next updates at the source on Nov 2019. Electricity revenue and counts broken down by utility company and by sector, since 1999, from the US Energy Information Administration (USEIA).

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    Mixed Beverage Taxes, City-County Comparison Summary | Last Updated 2019-04-17T01:37:34.000Z

    These cities received mixed beverage tax revenue from permit holders located in the city. Cities located in more than one county will be listed in each county the city is in. The mixed beverage tax revenue listed for the city in a particular county is from permit holders located in the part of the city in the listed county. See for more information on our agency’s privacy and security policies.

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    Median Household Income All States 2000-2012 | Last Updated 2019-04-19T06:16:01.000Z

    Median Household Income All States 2000-2012

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    Mixed Beverage Taxes, Cities Located In Multiple Counties | Last Updated 2019-04-17T01:37:28.000Z

    These cities, which are located in multiple counties, received mixed beverage tax revenue from permit holders located in the counties listed. See for more information on our agency’s privacy and security policies.

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    DFPS CPS Employees Average Salary by Staff Type and County FY08-FY18 | Last Updated 2019-02-04T19:20:22.000Z

    Visit for information on all DFPS programs.

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    EMS - Monthly Finance Measures | Last Updated 2019-06-13T13:31:36.000Z

    This table contains performance data related to ATCEMS revenue collection processes. When using this data for research or other purposes, please cite it as: Emergency Medical Services Department. (2017). EMS - Monthly Finance Measures [Data set]. City of Austin, Texas Open Data Portal. Since this table is updated on a monthly basis, include the date that the table was accessed in the citation.