The mean job proximity index of Rutland County, VT was 50 in 2015.

Median Jobs Proximity Index

The jobs proximity index quantifies access to employment opportunities in a region. Values are percentile ranked and range from 0 to 100, with higher values corresponding to better access to jobs. Data is computed for U.S. counties by applying summary statistics across all census tracts present in a county and is current as of 2015.

The underlying index quantifies the accessibility of a given residential neighborhood as a function of its distance to all job locations within a census tract, with distance to larger employment centers weighted more heavily. Specifically, a gravity model is used, where the accessibility (Ai) of a given residential block-group is a summary description of the distance to all job locations, with the distance from any single job location positively weighted by the size of employment (job opportunities) at that location and inversely weighted by the labor supply (competition) to that location.

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Jobs and Job Proximity Datasets Involving Rutland County, VT

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    Vermont Municipalities | Last Updated 2016-04-15T15:24:42.000Z

    Vermont Municipalities

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    Vermont State Police Arrests for DUI with Crash (2013- Present) | Last Updated 2017-04-28T19:00:32.000Z

    DISCLAIMER: This dataset may contain preliminary data that has not yet been verified and may be changed at a later date due to additional investigation. Additionally, the data entry process may include mechanical and/or human errors. Therefore, the Vermont State Police does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information. This dataset also excludes any records that would compromise the privacy of crime victims or the fidelity of ongoing investigations. Any information that could be used to uniquely identify a person or vehicle has also been excluded. SUMMARY: This dataset contains information related to arrests for driving under the influence as recorded by the Vermont State Police between January 1, 2013 and the present day. These data are extracted from the VSP records management system on a monthly basis. Each record is unique to an individual not an incident, so you may find multiple records with the same incident number in the dataset. This occurs when there is more than one individual associated with an incident. This particular dataset is made available in an effort to enhance the transparency of law enforcement activities in Vermont. Should you have questions about records in this dataset, please contact the specific law enforcement agency as they are each responsible for their own records. To access a summary page of this dataset, select the “About” tab on the right side of this page and scroll down to the attachments and click on the PDF document.