The population count of La Crosse County, WI was 116,470 in 2014.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving La Crosse County, WI

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    LA County Employee Salaries | Last Updated 2017-02-13T11:18:43.000Z

    Provides compensation paid to employees in the form of earnings and fringe benefits.

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    Population and population growth (2010 - Present) | Last Updated 2015-10-05T18:35:56.000Z

    This population data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program, which are published on an annual basis. It includes data for the following counties: Orleans Parish, LA (New Orleans); Oklahoma County, OK (Oklahoma City); Hillsborough County, FL (Tampa); Wake County, NC (Raleigh); Fulton County, GA (Atlanta); Miami-Dade County, FL (Miami); Davidson County, TN (Nashville); Shelby County, TN (Memphis); and Jefferson County, KY (Louisville). This data covers the time period of 2010 to present.

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    Learning Improvement Information Center: Regional Indicators for Household surveys, Coverage, Efficiency, Youth Inactivity and Education Levels | Last Updated 2017-03-10T21:41:21.000Z

    This dataset consists of statistics measuring the educational attainment and average years of schooling of the adult population, how many children are actively participating in the school system, the efficiency of the school system, and youth inactivity. Main indicators: mean years of schooling, educational attainment, attendance rates, out of school children, overage rates, years in school vs schooling years, and youth inactivity. <br><br><b>Click here to access the data:</b></br></br>

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    Estimados anuales poblacionales por municipio y Puerto Rico | Last Updated 2017-03-15T14:29:16.000Z

    English Name: Annual Population Estimates for Puerto Rico and its municipios Fuente: Estimaciones intercensales poblacionales, Junta de Planificación, 1950-2000; Intercensal Population Estimates, U.S. Census Bureau, 2000-10; Annual Population Estimates (Vintage 2015), 2010-15. Notas: 1) El municipio de Canóvanas se constituyó en 1970, por lo cual no fue incorporado en los estimados anuales poblacionales hasta después de que se realizó el Censo 1980. 2) El municipio de Florida se constituyó en 1971, por lo cual no fue incorporado en los estimados anuales poblacionales hasta después de que se realizó el Censo 1980. 3) Las estimaciones intercensales para las decadas de 1950-60, 1960-70 y 1970-80 se basan en interpolaciones lineales. 4) Las estimaciones intercensales para las decadas de 1980-90 y 1990-2000 se basan en interpolaciones exponenciales. 5) Para mas informacion sobre la metodologia utilizada para los estimados intercensales de la decada 2000-10, ver: 6) Para mas información sobre la metodología utilizada para los estimados anuales poblacionales para la decada 2010-20, ver:

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    Local Government Elections Data 1997-2016 | Last Updated 2016-12-12T20:26:49.000Z

    This dataset lists ballot measures of city, county, and district governments from 1997 to present. DISCLAIMER: While every effort is made to provide accurate and complete information; accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the furnished data is not guaranteed in any way. For detailed information on any one ballot measure, please contact Oregon Department of State Elections Division. Fail* Denotes the measure passed simple majority, but failed to meet the double majority requirement.

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    Data of Violence against women - Trinidad and Tobago - Survey answers | Last Updated 2017-02-07T16:41:54.000Z

    This file contains data from a survey carried out to establish baseline indicators of women´s needs in the areas of economic autonomy, sexual and reproductive health and services to prevent and redress intimate partner violence in November of 2015 with the participation of 227 women between the ages of 15 and 70 years residing in a low- and middle-income neighborhood in a populated urban area of Trinidad and Tobago. A Word document containing the response key for all questionnaire items is attached as an annex. <br><br><b>Click here to access the data:</b></br></br>

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    Database of Labor Markets and Social Security Information System (SIMS) | Last Updated 2017-03-10T21:10:22.000Z

    The Database of Labor Markets and Social Security Information System (SIMS) is the most important source of information about jobs and pensions in Latin America and the Caribbean. It encompasses harmonized statistics of 23 countries in the region, assuring the comparability of the indicators among them and also over time. The dataset includes data since 1990 and it presents 72 main indicators, which can be broken down by age group, gender, zone, level of education and other. The SIMS contains information in 6 broad categories: population, employment, unemployment, income, social security and poverty. This database seeks to contribute to public policies design based on evidence to strengthen the development of the region. <br><br><b>Click here to access the data:</b></br></br>

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    Legislators By City | Last Updated 2016-08-08T23:23:48.000Z

    Oregon Representatives and Senators by City for the 2015-2017 Legislative Session

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    Percent of Adults Reporting Fair or Poor Health (2008 - Present) | Last Updated 2015-11-03T15:50:28.000Z

    This dataset includes the percent of adults reporting fair or poor health for Orleans Parish and several benchmark counties, including: Davidson County (TN), East Baton Rouge Parish (LA), Fulton County (GA), Hillsborough County (FL), Jefferson County (KY), Miami-Dade County (FL), Oklahoma County (OK), Shelby County (TN), and Wake County (NC). The data comes from the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps analysis of Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data. BRFSS is a national random digit dial (RDD) telephone survey. Data obtained from the BRFSS are representative of the total non-institutionalized population over 18 years of age living in households with a land line telephone. For the County Health Rankings, data from the BRFSS are used to measure various health behaviors and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) indicators. All data from the BRFSS are weighted by population and the HRQoL measures are age-adjusted. County Health Rankings obtained county-level measures, in almost all instances aggregated over seven years, from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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    City Property Tax Data | Last Updated 2016-12-05T19:58:23.000Z

    City property tax data for all 242 cities (Updated October 2016)