The college graduation rate of La Crosse County, WI was 33.00% in 2017.

Graduation Rates

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Education and Graduation Rates Datasets Involving La Crosse County, WI

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    Community Arts Partners serving LA County Public Schools, 2012 | Last Updated 2017-07-19T15:14:03.000Z

    The LA County Arts Commission surveyed teaching artists and arts organizations to find out who provided what services in LA County public schools in 2012. This dataset presents all the schools and districts where we found 185 community arts partners serving 1,174 schools. Read the full report at

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    Museum Universe Data File FY 2015 Q3 | Last Updated 2018-04-24T14:50:13.000Z

    Browse a list of known museums and related organizations in the United States as of the third quarter of FY 2015. This list contains descriptive information about museums in the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on public records and administrative data.

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    Learning Improvement Information Center: Regional Indicators for Household surveys, Coverage, Efficiency, Youth Inactivity and Education Levels | Last Updated 2019-02-07T23:33:32.000Z

    This dataset consists of statistics measuring the educational attainment and average years of schooling of the adult population, how many children are actively participating in the school system, the efficiency of the school system, and youth inactivity. Main indicators: mean years of schooling, educational attainment, attendance rates, out of school children, overage rates, years in school vs schooling years, and youth inactivity. <br><br><b>Click here to access the data:</b></br></br>

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    Lead Testing in School Drinking Water Sampling and Results: Most Recently Reported Beginning 2016 | Last Updated 2019-03-23T08:33:37.000Z

    This dataset shows the school water lead sampling and results information reported by each NYS public school and BOCES. It details the summary information on the samples taken, and the results returned from laboratory analyses. This will be updated on a continuing basis by each school. In accordance with legislation, the school districts have to sample their water for possible lead contamination and report the results to parents, the state Department of Health, and local government officials. The Lead Testing in School Drinking Water regulations may be found at this site: To view the corresponding data set which lists all school buildings with lead free plumbing, click here The data is self-reported by the schools in response to a Department of Health electronic survey, and transferred to Health Data NY as is without edits or redaction. Schools will update their information on an ongoing basis as their water sampling progresses and the laboratory analysis results are reported back to them. This dataset displays the most recently reported data by schools as and when the data is available. More information is available at the Department of Health website at

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    Arts for All Advancement Grants, 2016-17 | Last Updated 2017-07-19T15:15:20.000Z

    The Advancement Grant Program offers financial support to Los Angeles County school districts aiming to provide quality arts education for public school students. Grant funds assist school districts in achieving key action items in their district arts plans, and cultivating skills and practices that can be sustained beyond the term of the grant. Underwritten by Arts for All’s Pooled Fund, this program offered $560,000 in financial support to 38 school districts and two charter school networks in LA County for the 2016-17 school year.

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    Organizational Grants for Arts Services | Last Updated 2017-07-19T15:13:58.000Z

    The LA County Arts Commission contracts with approximately 200 arts organizations annually through the Organizational Grant Program (OGP) to provide arts services. Made possible through the generosity of the Board of Supervisors, grants for concerts, theatre and dance productions, exhibitions, in-school and out-of-school arts education and core operations help these organizations enrich the lives of County residents in large and small communities alike. This program ensures that a wide variety of cultural services will continue to reach County residents

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    Learning Improvement Information Center: Regional Indicators for Size | Last Updated 2018-01-09T09:40:39.000Z

    This dataset consists of statistics that summarize the size of the education system. Main indicators: number of students, schools, and teachers. <br><br><b>Click here to access the data:</b></br></br>

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    2012 Health Outcomes And Factors Rankings | Last Updated 2015-01-07T16:30:50.000Z

    This dataset ranks Colorado counties by health outcomes and factors for the year 2012.

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    Learning Improvement Information Center: Regional Indicators for Learning | Last Updated 2018-01-09T09:45:39.000Z

    This dataset consists of indicators capturing how much students know and are able to do. It includes statistics from international learning assessments such as OECD’s PISA, UNESCO’s SERCE and TERCE, and CSEC of the Caribbean Examination Council. Main indicators: Average score, passing rate, percentage of top performers, percentage of low achievers. <br><br><b>Click here to access the data:</b></br></br>

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    A Portrait of Los Angeles County using the Human Development Index | Last Updated 2019-01-30T20:47:48.000Z

    A Portrait of Los Angeles County, a report by Measure of America, is an in-depth look at how residents of America’s most populous county are faring in three fundamental areas of life: health, access to knowledge, and living standards. The Human Development Index – a composite measure of health, education and income – is the featured measure and is disaggregated by gender, race and ethnicity, gender by race and ethnicity, major Asian and Latino subgroups, and nativity at the county level. The index is also presented for 106 cities and unincorporated areas within the county, 35 City of Los Angeles Community Plan Areas and 15 City Council Districts. This dataset and the accompanying report is intended for policymakers, planners, service providers, advocates, journalists, students and anyone with an interest in exploring well-being outcomes among the many communities that make up Los Angeles County.