The high school graduation rate of Santa Isabel Municipio, PR was 77.10% in 2016.

Graduation Rates

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Education and Graduation Rates Datasets Involving Santa Isabel Municipio, PR

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    Santa Rosa Police Arrest Log | Last Updated 2018-02-19T07:50:18.000Z

    Location information for arrests/arrestees that include the following Penal Codes has been ommitted: 220, 236.1, 243.4, 261, 261.5, 262, 262(a)(1), 264, 264.1, 265, 266, 266(a), 266(b), 266(c), 266(e), 266(f), 266(j), 267, 269, 269(a), 273(a), 273(d), 273.5, 285, 286, 288, 288(a), 288.2, 288.3, 288.5, 288.7, 289, 422.6, 422.7, 422.75, 646.9, 647.6, as well as Welfare and Institutions Code 5150 or Business and Professions Code 729(a).

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    Directorio instituciones educativas del municipio de Guadalajara de Buga / Directory educational institutions of the municipality of Guadalajara de Buga | Last Updated 2017-11-07T22:39:06.000Z

    Guadalajara de Buga cuenta actualmente con 14 instituciones educativas y 55 sedes distribuidas en la zona urbana y rural que dan cobertura a la población con calidad y pertinencia educativa./ Guadalajara de Buga currently has 14 educational institutions and 55 sites distributed in the urban and rural areas that provide coverage to the population with quality and educational relevance

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    Santa Rosa City Parks Data | Last Updated 2017-04-18T22:46:08.000Z

    This is a map of the Parks, Trails and Open Space Parcels available to the public for use.

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    Directorio de las instituciones educ Granada-Meta | Last Updated 2017-08-16T19:11:40.000Z

    Información de las instituciones educativas oficiales que se encuentran en el municipio de Granada Meta

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    Directorio Comprensivo de Escuelas Públicas, Puerto Rico 2017 | Last Updated 2017-08-15T20:31:49.000Z

    Este directorio contiene información a nivel de escuelas públicas en Puerto Rico. Además de las características básicas de la escuela como lo es por ejemplo, nombre de la escuela, código único, distrito, dirección, coordenadas geoespaciales, nivel, y grados, este directorio contiene datos sobre matrícula, aprovechamiento académico (resultados META-PR) y nivel de pobreza de sus estudiantes. Otro aspecto que presenta este directorio es información sobre los posibles cambios de la escuela luego de los procesos de consolidación.

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    Estadísticas Solicitudes Restitución Discriminadas Municipios | Last Updated 2018-02-16T16:45:10.000Z

    Número de solicitudes de inscripción al SRTDAF recibidas en la Unidad de Restitución de Tierras según municipio de ubicación del predio.

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    Maximum Allowable Rent | Last Updated 2018-02-19T02:35:49.000Z

    Maximum Allowable Rent values are based on rents reported by current or past property owners that have not been independently verified. Thus, we provide this information as a convenience only; it is not legally binding on landlords, tenants, or the Rent Control Agency. The Maximum Allowable Rent values listed presume the owner is in compliance with the Rent Control Charter Amendment (Article XVIII of the City Charter) and the Rent Control Regulations promulgated thereunder. In addition to these Maximum Allowable Rent values, a tenant's rent can include applicable Rent Control registration fees or surcharges (Community College Bond, Unified Schools Bond, Stormwater Management User Fee, Clean Beaches & Ocean Parcel Tax, and School District Parcel Tax).

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    Sedes Institución Educ. Gustavo Romero Hernandez | Last Updated 2017-08-16T16:47:11.000Z

    Es un listado de las sedes educativas pertenecientes a la Institución Eductaiva Gustavo Romero Hernández que se encuentran en los sectores rurales del municipio de Tibaná

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    Berkeley PD Log - Jail Bookings | Last Updated 2018-02-18T16:35:09.000Z

    Adults booked into the Berkeley Police Department Jail over the past 30 days.

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    Learning Improvement Information Center: Regional Indicators for Physical Resources | Last Updated 2018-01-09T09:45:14.000Z

    This dataset consists of statistics on basic infrastructure resources and other resources that support student learning within schools. Main indicators: access to water, bathrooms, electricity, phone, internet, art rooms, auditoriums, library, gymnasium, science lab, and number of books per student. Click here to access the data: