The population count of East Point, GA was 35,477 in 2016.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving East Point, GA

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    Point In Time Homeless Survey Data | Last Updated 2018-07-30T16:40:53.000Z

    The County of Sonoma conducts an annual homeless count for the entire county. The survey data is derived from a sample of about 600 homeless persons countywide per year. The resulting information is statistically reliable only for the county as a whole, not for individual locations. The exception is the City of Santa Rosa, where the sample taken within the city is large enough to be predictive of the overall homeless population in that city.

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    State Profiles: FY 2014 Public Libraries Survey (Data) | Last Updated 2017-09-07T15:48:11.000Z

    Pull up a state's profile to find state-level totals on key data such as numbers of libraries and librarians, revenue and expenditures, and collection sizes.<br><br>These data include imputed values for libraries that did not submit information in the FY 2014 data collection. Imputation is a procedure for estimating a value for a specific data item where the response is missing. <br><br>Download PLS data files to see imputation flag variables or learn more on the imputation methods used in FY 2014 at

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    Radiological Air Sample Quarterly Composites | Last Updated 2017-06-09T22:30:34.000Z

    IMPORTANT: Please see the attached PDF for more context on this dataset. Per Health and Safety Code 114755 which mandates that "The department shall monitor radioactive materials in the environment", air sampling stations have been placed in or near major population centers with the potential for significant radiological activity. The data presented in this table are for quarterly aggregates of sampling media per site. Dose per quarter is reported in millirem Total Effective Dose Equivalent (TEDE); all other values are radiological activity concentrations reported in units of picoCuries per cubic meter. Any positive result less than the minimum detectable activity is attributable to statistical measurement noise, and results are reported even in the case of non-detection. Beryllium-7 and Potassium-40 are naturally occurring radionuclides. The other radionuclides in the dataset are fission products. Detection of Cesium-137 is not necessarily indicative of a new release because atmospheric nuclear weapons testing distributed significant amounts across the world that are still measurable. See Extended Description Attachment