The median earnings of Calumet City, IL was $25,926 in 2016.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving Calumet City, IL

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    Current Employee Names, Salaries And Position Titles | Last Updated 2018-05-01T08:10:06.000Z

    This dataset is a listing of all current City of Naperville employees, complete with full names, departments, positions, employment status (part-time or full-time), and annual salaries. Please note that annual wages will vary by employee, depending on number of hours worked. Excludes Mayor and City Council.

  • API

    Headcount by City Department | Last Updated 2018-05-08T13:11:52.000Z

    Budget versus actual headcount numbers by department. Excludes temporary and seasonal workers.

  • API

    CY2017 - Annual Operating Budget | Last Updated 2017-09-22T17:08:33.000Z

    This is the City's calendar year 2017 annual operating budget. The information includes a breakdown by fund, category, department, division, and expense type. The City's total CY2017 expense budget is $444.88 million and the CY2017 revenue budget is $442.30 million.

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    Water and Wastewater Utility Asset Count 2013-2018 | Last Updated 2018-04-09T16:42:31.000Z

    A count of some of the major water and wastewater assets within the City of Naperville years 2013-2018.

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    CY2017- CY2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) | Last Updated 2017-09-22T17:08:38.000Z

    All of the City's capital improvement projects over the next five years. This information categorizes the City's projects and includes information regarding funding sources, expense types, and asset types.

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    Affordable Rental Housing Developments | Last Updated 2018-04-19T21:04:00.000Z

    The affordable rental housing developments listed below are supported by the City of Chicago to maintain affordability standards. For information on rents, income requirements and availability, contact each property directly. For information on other affordable rental properties in Chicago and Illinois, call (877) 428-8844, or visit

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    Urbana: Open Expenditures - Payment Details | Last Updated 2018-01-29T16:49:07.000Z

    This dataset contains payment details that are the source for the City's Open Expenditures web site, which can be found here:

  • API

    CY2017 - Projected Borrowing | Last Updated 2017-09-22T17:08:45.000Z

    These are the projects that the City is projecting to borrow for in calendar year 2017. These projects include both capital upgrade and maintenance projects from a variety of departments that reinvest in the City's infrastructure.

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    Annual Taxpayer Location Address List 2014 | Last Updated 2016-06-16T21:43:53.000Z

    List of businesses registered with the State of Illinois that may levy retail sales taxes in the Chicago area.

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    Utah Libraries Dataset FY2004 | Last Updated 2014-11-24T18:52:30.000Z

    The following datasets and tables correspond to the data elements reported in the annual Public Library Service – PLS (formerly the Federal State Cooperative System [FSCS] for Public Library Data) survey published by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). These data elements are a sub-set of the “Statistical Annual Report of Public Library Services” survey administered by the Utah State Library Division.