The median earnings of Cedar Falls, IA was $22,434 in 2016.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving Cedar Falls, IA

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    Iowa Seasonally Adjusted Non-Farm Employment by Month and Industry | Last Updated 2018-03-19T22:47:21.000Z

    This dataset provides final seasonally adjusted employment estimates for the State of Iowa. Iowa's estimate contained in this dataset is broken into the following "expanded" supersectors: Goods-Producing: Construction, Manufacturing, and Mining and Logging Service-Providing: Education and Health Services, Financial Activities, Information, Leisure and Hospitality, Other Services, Professional and Business Services, Retail Trade, Transportation and Utilities, and Wholesale Trade Government: Federal Government, State Government, and Local Government Seasonal adjusted estimates help eliminate sharp fluctuations in employment levels due to such seasonal events as changes in weather, reduced or expanded production, harvests, major holidays, and the opening and closing of schools. Adjusting the estimates to eliminate the seasonal events that tend to follow a regular pattern each year, make it easier to observe cyclical and other nonseasonal movements in the data. More information on the seasonal adjustment process can be found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website:

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    Economic Development Projects - Not Proceeding | Last Updated 2018-03-19T22:51:01.000Z

    This dataset includes information on economic development projects that were awarded incentives through Iowa Economic Development Authority programs as early as FY 2003, but selected not to move forward in receiving funding. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the project didn’t or won't take place. Projects include those whose awards were declined, rescinded or terminated.

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    Economic Development Projects - Under Contract | Last Updated 2018-03-19T22:50:45.000Z

    This dataset includes information on economic development projects that have been awarded incentives through Iowa Economic Development Authority programs as early as FY 2003, have signed contracts with the state and are in either the “performance” period, the “maintenance” period or are "in default" as of the end of the fiscal year noted. In most cases, projects are required to have met job, wage and capital investment obligations by their “Project Completion Date”. Beyond the completion date, projects are required to maintain the obligated jobs and investment through the “Maintenance Date." All projects provide information on total project costs, capital investment, as well as the amount of direct assistance and tax credits awarded to the project. Projected and contracted job data is available for all projects. However, project completion jobs and reported jobs is only available for those projects in the "maintenance" period. Projects in the "performance" period are still in the process of being implemented and are not yet complete. Projects in Default were considered “in default” as of the end of the annual report cut-off date (typically end of fiscal year). The status “in default” is a temporary one since businesses are allowed a contractually designated cure period to correct the default. Reasons for being considered “in default” range from not filing required reports to not creating the obligated jobs or investment required by the contract.

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    Economic Development Projects - Closed | Last Updated 2018-03-19T22:51:14.000Z

    This dataset includes information on economic development projects were awarded incentives through Iowa Economic Development Authority programs as early as FY 2003, and are considered “completed” by IEDA’s compliance team at the end of the fiscal year (annual report cut-off date). Each project has been evaluated to determine if the it met all the terms of the contract. If all contractual terms are met, projects are categorized as "successful" and are under no additional obligation to report information to IEDA regarding the project. If a project was unable to meet all terms required in the contract, the IEDA compliance team determined the award “recapture” – consisting of paying back all or a portion of the direct assistance provided by the state or returning (or not claiming) some or all tax credits that had been awarded. These projects would be categorized as either “full recapture” or “partial recapture” of the award.

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    Technology Expenditure Report | Last Updated 2018-03-19T23:09:51.000Z

    This report contains technology expenditures for the executive branch summarized by Budget Fiscal Year, Month, Agency and Object Name.