The land area of Silver Spring, MD was 8 in 2018.

Land Area

Water Area

Land area is a measurement providing the size, in square miles, of the land portions of geographic entities for which the Census Bureau tabulates and disseminates data. Area is calculated from the specific boundary recorded for each entity in the Census Bureau's geographic database. Land area is based on current information in the TIGER® data base, calculated for use with Census 2010.

Water Area figures include inland, coastal, Great Lakes, and territorial sea water. Inland water consists of any lake, reservoir, pond, or similar body of water that is recorded in the Census Bureau's geographic database. It also includes any river, creek, canal, stream, or similar feature that is recorded in that database as a two- dimensional feature (rather than as a single line). The portions of the oceans and related large embayments (such as Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound), the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea that belong to the United States and its territories are classified as coastal and territorial waters; the Great Lakes are treated as a separate water entity. Rivers and bays that empty into these bodies of water are treated as inland water from the point beyond which they are narrower than 1 nautical mile across. Identification of land and inland, coastal, territorial, and Great Lakes waters is for data presentation purposes only and does not necessarily reflect their legal definitions.

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Geographic and Area Datasets Involving Silver Spring, MD

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    DOT Parking Tickets | Last Updated 2021-07-02T12:49:49.000Z

    All parking citations issued by Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) enforcement personnel in the Montgomery County Parking Lot Districts and Transportation Management Districts of Bethesda, Montgomery Hills, Silver Spring, Wheaton, North Bethesda, Friendship Heights, Greater Seneca Science Center and the Residential Permit Parking areas. This includes all on-street metered parking, public surface lots and public garages. The parking citations list the following: date/time, location, vehicle information, and description of the violation. Update Frequency: This data is updated annually.

  • API

    Montgomery College Enrollment Data | Last Updated 2016-05-19T19:23:18.000Z

    Montgomery College Student Enrollment Data Update Frequency: Annually

  • API

    Water Quality Sampling Data | Last Updated 2022-04-07T22:23:10.000Z

    Data collected to assess water quality conditions in the natural creeks, aquifers and lakes in the Austin area. This is raw data, provided directly from our Field Sample database (FSDB) and should be considered provisional. Data may or may not have been reviewed by project staff.

  • API

    Surface Water Quality Assessments | Last Updated 2018-08-13T20:15:11.000Z

    This is the 2014 Integrated Report. EPA approved this submission in accordance with Sections 303(d), 305(b), and 314(l) of the Clean Water Act, on October 16, 2015. The Integrated Report (IR) combines two water quality reports required under sections 305(b) and 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act. Section 305(b) requires states, territories and authorized tribes to perform annual water quality assessments to determine the status of jurisdictional waters. Section 303(d) requires states, territories and authorized tribes to identify waters assessed as not meeting water quality standards(see Code of Maryland Regulations 26.08.02). Waters that do not meet standards may require a Total Maximum Daily Load to determine the maximum amount of an impairing substance or pollutant that a particular water body can assimilate and still meet water quality criteria. Historically, the 303(d) List and the 305(b) report were submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as separate documents but more recent guidance has called for combining these two reports into a single biennial publication. More information is available at A searchable version of this data is available at

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    Homeland Security Grant Awards 2003 - 2014 | Last Updated 2020-01-24T19:19:02.000Z

    This data set shows four sources of grant funding for the Governor's Office of Homeland Security (GOHS) and respective awards from 2003 to 2014.

  • API

    Parks and Open Space | Last Updated 2022-06-27T09:57:16.000Z

    Data representing all parks and open space in Winnipeg, including the spatial boundaries, names, area, and addresses. To view the polygon maps of the data, please see the map form at

  • API

    Traffic Violations | Last Updated 2022-07-03T09:10:18.000Z

    This dataset contains traffic violation information from all electronic traffic violations issued in the County. Any information that can be used to uniquely identify the vehicle, the vehicle owner or the officer issuing the violation will not be published. Update Frequency: Daily

  • API

    Number of STEM Programs | Last Updated 2021-05-26T15:39:29.000Z

    Total number of programs held, at County libraries, which focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Updated annually.

  • API

    Floodplain Study | Last Updated 2022-06-10T09:45:29.000Z

    The purpose of a floodplain study is to establish the 100-year floodplain limits within or near a development in order to preserve the natural resources within the 100-year floodplain, to protect property and persons, and to apply a unified, comprehensive approach to floodplain management. Update Frequency - Daily

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    Crash Reporting - Incidents Data | Last Updated 2022-07-01T05:41:21.000Z

    This dataset provides general information about each collision and details of all traffic collisions occurring on county and local roadways within Montgomery County, as collected via the Automated Crash Reporting System (ACRS) of the Maryland State Police, and reported by the Montgomery County Police, Gaithersburg Police, Rockville Police, or the Maryland-National Capital Park Police. Please note that these collision reports are based on preliminary information supplied to the Police Department by the reporting parties. Therefore, the collision data available on this web page may reflect: -Information not yet verified by further investigation -Information that may include verified and unverified collision data -Preliminary collision classifications may be changed at a later date based upon further investigation -Information may include mechanical or human error This dataset can be joined with the other 2 Crash Reporting datasets (see URLs below) by the State Report Number. * Crash Reporting - Drivers Data at * Crash Reporting - Non-Motorists Data at Update Frequency : Weekly