The population rate of change of Minneapolis, MN was 1.68% in 2017. The population rate of change of St. Paul, MN was 1.23% in 2017.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving St. Paul, MN or Minneapolis, MN

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    Saint Paul Police Department Citations | Last Updated 2019-03-06T15:28:17.000Z

    The Saint Paul Police Department works hard to protect the peace and maintain public safety through trusted service with respect. Every day, officers from a variety of units interact with people in the City of Saint Paul. As part of their day-to-day duties, officers may issue three types of citations: • Criminal citations • Traffic citations • Parking citations The following data shows the types of citations issued, total number of citations issued each year since 2015, demographic information about those who received citations and the location of where the citations were issued. Please note: • The dataset includes a significant number of fields where no data is available. • A majority of the “No Data” fields represent parking citations where the illegally parked vehicle was unoccupied, thus making it impossible for the Saint Paul Police employees to record demographic information. • Prior to 2016, the State of Minnesota did not allow police departments to document the race of people to whom citations were issued. Making this data available publicly is part of the Saint Paul Police Department’s ongoing commitment to building trust with its community through transparency.

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    Life Expectancy By Zip Code - Dataset | Last Updated 2019-05-22T16:38:42.000Z

    Dataset showing life expectancy at birth in years by zip code. Ramsey County Policy and Planning analysis of data from death certificates filed in the county from 1994 - 2015. Some area life expectancy calculations are suppressed due to insufficient data.