The population count of Spanish Lake, MO was 19,105 in 2016.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving Spanish Lake, MO

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    KCMO 2013 ACS 5-year estimates Language by Household Census Data | Last Updated 2015-06-15T17:19:29.000Z

    2013 ACS 5-year estimates for Languages by Household organized by census tract. Included in this data are all census tracts that are included in the boundaries of KCMO, even if no KCMO citizens lived in that tract when the data was gathered. All data was gathered on the U.S. Census Bureau's website: Table ID: B16002

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    SLC Water Cnsmpt - Tract 2015 | Last Updated 2015-06-29T16:24:51.000Z

    Salt Lake City Water Consumption by Tract 2015. Consumption is in 100 cu. ft units (e. g. if consumption is 34 that means 3400 cu. ft.) 100 cu. ft. = 748.052 gallons.

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    Pull up a state's profile to find state-level totals on key data such as numbers of libraries and librarians, revenue and expenditures, and collection sizes.<br><br>These data include imputed values for libraries that did not submit information in the FY 2014 data collection. Imputation is a procedure for estimating a value for a specific data item where the response is missing. <br><br>Download PLS data files to see imputation flag variables or learn more on the imputation methods used in FY 2014 at

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