The population count of Buffalo, NY was 258,989 in 2016.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving Buffalo, NY

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    Monthly Recycling and Waste Collection Statistics | Last Updated 2018-04-11T20:19:56.000Z

    This dataset is a monthly breakdown of the amount of tonnage diverted from the landfill in the City of Buffalo. Garbage tonnage totals are included for comparison. Materials are diverted from landfills in different ways, including curbside recycling, electronics recycling, hazardous waste disposal, tire recycling, scrap metal recycling, yard waste recycling, and asphalt and sidewalk debris diversion.

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    Tows | Last Updated 2018-04-24T08:08:22.000Z

    All tows performed on behalf of the Parking Violations Bureau. Call (716) 851-5369 and notify the representative if your car is impounded. Any outstanding tickets under the registered owners name and/or the titled owner must be paid, the vehicle must be registered and insured and all towing and storage charges satisfied in order to obtain a release form. If the police have a hold on the vehicle you will also need written authorization from the Police Department in order to retrieve the vehicle.