The population rate of change of Wichita Falls, TX was 0.08% in 2016.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving Wichita Falls, TX

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    Austin TX - APD Officer Involved Shooting (2000-2014) | Last Updated 2015-09-16T18:04:47.000Z

    "This Officer-Involved Shooting dataset provides the raw data needed to better understand the characteristics of these incidents in APD's jurisdiction and by APD officers. It is used to assist in identifying training and procedure improvements to improve outcomes. Corresponding report: This data is used to produce the annual Officer-Involved Shooting report, posted on APD's website here: Field definitions: Below are the fields and definitions contained in the dataset. Data fall into three categories: incident-based, subject/suspect-based, and officer-based. Field Name: Definition Offense #: Incident number; each officer-involved shooting may include several incident numbers Date: Incident date Day of Week: Incident day of week Time: Incident time Day Part: Part of day that incident occurred (see lookup table below) Location/Address: Incident location Premise Category: Incident location type Inside/ Outside: Incident location (indoor/outdoors) Call Type Categories: Reason for initial contact Race/Ethnicity [subj]: Subject race/ethnicity Gender [subj]: Subject gender Age [subj]: Subject age at incident Injuries [subj]: Subject injuries Weapon [subj]: Subject weapon # Officers Present When Shots Fired: Number of officers in the area when shots fired Number of (ofc) Shooters: Number of officers who fired shots Officer Name: Officer who fired shots Rank: Officer rank at incident Race/Ethnicity (ofc): Officer race/ethnicity Gender [ofc]: Officer gender Age [ofc]: Officer age at incident PD Jurisdiction: Officer's law enforcement agency at incident Years LE Experience: Officer's years of law enforcement experience Weapon Caliber [ofc]: Officer's weapon caliber Weapon Type [ofc]: Officer weapon category # Shots Fired [ofc]: Number of shots fired by the officer # Hits [incident based]: Total shots that hit/grazed the subject during the incident How Cleared: Result of the incident investigation AUSTIN POLICE DEPARTMENT DATA DISCLAIMER 1. The data provided is for informational use only and is not considered official APD crime data as in official Texas DPS or FBI crime reports. 2. APD’s crime database is continuously updated, so reports run at different times may produce different results. Care should be taken when comparing against other reports as different data collection methods and different data sources may have been used. 3. The Austin Police Department does not assume any liability for any decision made or action taken or not taken by the recipient in reliance upon any information or data provided."