The median female earnings of Morgan City Micro Area (LA) was $19,917 in 2016.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving Morgan City Micro Area (LA)

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    2018 Salary Survey Data | Last Updated 2018-02-27T18:36:48.000Z

    This data comes from the 2018 salary survey data. Please notethe following: 1. Where able, the data has been altered to reflect the annual pay of the average employee in this city and in this position based on the city's salary range. 2. Not all salaries and wages of less than 1 FTE could be confirmed. As a result, some salaries for positions with less than 1 FTE are either the annual equivelant or the actual pay of the employee throughout a year (ex. if an employee would make $50,000 as a full time employee but only works half-time, some cities marked this as $50,000 or $25,000. 3. Educational attainment often was provided with a minimum education and experience as well as a preferred level. The minimum of both categories are provided.

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    Balance of All City Funds | Last Updated 2018-08-14T17:45:33.000Z

    Balance of all Funds for the City of Los Angeles. Includes General Fund, Reserve Fund, Budget Stabilization Fund, and Special Funds.

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    Economy Panel LA - Data | Last Updated 2017-06-22T23:16:48.000Z

    EconomyPanel features demographic and economic data about the City’s fifteen council districts, broken down into six broad categories including: population, gender, income,employment, housing, and building permits.

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    Tax Revenues by Source - Governmental Funds | Last Updated 2017-01-10T19:17:28.000Z

    CAFR Pages 340-341. Modified Accrual Basis of Accounting. Last Ten Fiscal Years. (amounts expressed in thousands of dollars)

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    Enterprise Pledged Revenue Coverage | Last Updated 2017-01-10T19:17:49.000Z

    CAFR Pages 356-357. Airports, Harbor, Power, Sewers, and Water Enterprise Operations. Operating Revenues and Expenditures. Last Ten Fiscal Years. (amounts expressed in thousands)

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    LA City Department and Program Descriptions | Last Updated 2018-06-25T22:31:09.000Z

    Descriptions for each city department and program, taken from the budget Blue Books from the CAO site.

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    State Shared Revenue (FY2015-16) | Last Updated 2016-08-08T23:19:12.000Z

    Using state projections, the League has produced per capita estimates of State Shared Revenues for cities to use in preparing their budgets.

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    City Governance Information | Last Updated 2016-08-29T19:25:03.000Z

    This dataset outlines details of city governance compiled from 242 city charters.

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    Open Budget - Appropriations Fiscal Years 2010 - 2019 | Last Updated 2018-06-26T19:16:57.000Z

    This dataset includes only those expenditures paid for by city revenue, also known as the General City Budget. The three proprietary departments (Port of LA, Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles World Airports) and non-budgetary departments (Library, Recreation and Parks, City Employee's Retirement Fund) operate at least partly from independent revenue sources. See the budget documents for more information. Fiscal years 2010 - 2013 have aggregate budgets per department. 2014 - present display line item appropriations.

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    State Of The Cities 2017 | Last Updated 2016-12-06T21:28:37.000Z

    This is the survey responses for the 2017 State of the Cities Report. This data has been coded based on survey response choices. Please consult the attached copy of the survey for more information.